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At TONE, sharing knowledge and communicating openly is the key to constantly elevating the quality of beverage preparation and improving every element of the coffee business for our community of partners. You can count on TONE to express every feeling, emotion, and innovation transparently and sustainably – we know of no other way but to support our shared vision by talking, brainstorming, and educating ourselves together.

London Coffee Festival

Expected 23-26 September 2021

World of Coffee Warsaw

Expected 16-18 June 2022

Working Experience // FL/P

In FL/P we use different TONE products. During the summer, for example, nitro was extremely popular. We prepared coffee and tea according to different recipes and constantly surprised our guests. Everyone also liked the cool design of the equipment.

We also have a big TONE for filter coffee. Using it you can make single-serve coffee or tea as well. Our baristas use it to its fullest potential. Guests who drink filter coffee form a separate category: they are in a rush and don’t choose, drinking what’s ready. Those who want a certain type of coffee or tea are completely different. They stimulate us to experiment with the big TONE. From time to time we corrected the settings. It took a while to learn how to work with it. But the main thing is that this way the baristas can communicate with the guests and pay more attention to the service not focusing on infusion. We like these little ‘showers’ that allow us to make different drinks serving filter coffee at the same time. The TONE TOUCH 03 came just to the opening of our new coffee shop. With it you have an opportunity to program four different profiles. We set them up using computer.

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Host, Milano 2019

Five days with a special note in the calendars of many baristas, roasters, producers and coffee professionals from all over the world. When HOST, the largest exhibition in the hospitality industry, opens its gates the whole specialty coffee community meets in Milan. This makes HOST the perfect spot to give #moretone to the coffee industry and to show what’s possible with our ultimate brewing solutions.

On the Rho Fiera fairground, we teamed up with To Coffee and showcased our Intelligent Brewing Solutions in the Umami Area hosted by the Italian coffee expert Andrej Godina in Hall 24.

The stand, which was divided into a “to talk area” and a “to brew area’: was an educational anchor point during HOST focusing on sustainability, innovation and quality in coffee and coffee preparation. Therefore, we placed the Tone Touch 02 and the brand new Touch 03 to introduce the next brew bar generation.

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Internorga 2019

15-19 march, 2019 INTERNORGA „Europe's leading trade show for foodservice and hospitality"  From March 15-19, of this year, the Internorga in Hamburg was a meeting point for gastronomers and professional coffee enthusiasts from all over Europe. As one of the most...

TONE Kick-Off II Berlin

26. February 2019 The Tres Cabezas Roastery in Berlin isn't only a place to enjoy a good cup coffee. It's a place where sustainable values and a responsible handling of the coffee bean are principles which are held dear to produce the finest specialty coffees. With...

Tone Kick-Off Copenhagen

28. November 2018 The Touch 02 has been on the road for the very first time revealing itself at an Orang Utan Coffee Project event, at the Crown Plaza Towers in Copenhagen. Hosted by the Kontra Coffee Roastery, and the BC Hospitality Group's Orango Coffee Shop, Tone...