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Mai 11, 2020

Host, Milano 2019

October 18th to October 22nd, 2019

Five days with a special note in the calendars of many baristas, roasters, producers and coffee professionals from all over the world. When HOST, the largest exhibition in the hospitality industry, opens its gates the whole specialty coffee community meets in Milan. This makes HOST the perfect spot to give #moretone to the coffee industry and to show what’s possible with our ultimate brewing solutions.
On the Rho Fiera fairground, we teamed up with To Coffee and showcased our Intelligent Brewing Solutions in the Umami Area hosted by the Italian coffee expert Andrej Godina in Hall 24.

The stand, which was divided into a “to talk area” and a “to brew area’: was an educational anchor point during HOST focusing on sustainability, innovation and quality in coffee and coffee preparation. Therefore, we placed the Tone Touch 02 and the brand new Touch 03 to introduce the next brew bar generation.
On Sunday, #tonecrew member Gordon Howell took over the microphone to talk about ‘challenging the way we brew in a commercial environment for the better: Gordon also performed a brewing workshop to bring to life what coffee brewing nowadays should be about. At the same time in hall 14, TONE was represented at the stand of UCC Coffee (our new distribution partner in the UK) who have just added our Intelligent Brewing Solutions to their portfolio. Together with the UCC team, we showcased the Touch 02, in addition to the Tone Ice Kit and Tone Nitro Solution brewing different hot and iced coffee beverages to make people experience the whole range of beverages brewed with a Tone Commercial Brew Bar. The highlight in Milan was our very first “The Future of Brewing” event on the Saturday evening. This was a gathering of coffee lovers, baristas, roasters, brewers, bartenders, partners of any kind and, especially, our friends! On the occasion of the launch of our revolutionary Touch 03, we aimed to create a powerful moment to set the seal on a change of era.

Together with our key-speakers Jason Wang (CEO Jascaffe – China), Jeremy Challender (Barista Hustle – Australia), Joe Maegher (Flat Caps Coffee -UK) and #tonecrew member Gordon Howell (Northern Academy of Coffee – UK), who shared their different experiences and know-how of the global coffee market, we set forth the future of coffee. At this point: a big thanks to the four of you for travelling all the way to Milan, for inspiring us and our guests with your speeches and for supporting Tone to create a more meaningful, quality-driven and innovative coffee industry. Furthermore, we introduced our Intelligent Brewing Solutions in different brew bar set-ups by brewing various coffee and tea beverages to show the full extent of the possibilities they deliver and to experience a more advanced way of brewing. Centerpiece in the event location was the Tone Touch 03, showcased in a large, enlightened cubical. The #tonecrew was very glad to finally present the innovative brewing technology that we have developed in the past year and put so much hard work into to deliver a brewing solution which will change the standard of brewing today. The sleek and unique design, maximum precision and the Intelligent Brewing Control Technology which enables the full adjustment of all brewing parameters, propel the conventional brew bar to the next level and gives the barista the possibility to rewrite the book of brewing with #moretone. Thank you everyone for joining! It was a huge pleasure to have spent such a splendid time in Milan…because, in the end, coffee and tea are about bringing people together.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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