Orang Utan Coffee Project

Their future, our nature, your coffee – take responsibility

We at Tone support this project because it’s about orangutans, environmental responsibility, sustainable values and the future of coffee.


To redefine what’s possible with the ultimate brewing solution, the quality of coffee is an indispensable element.

For us the Orang Utan Coffee Project is not only a project of heart but also a commitment to a more sustainable coffee industry.


The project:


The expansion of the palm oil plantation industry in tropical areas, such as Indonesia, cause rapidly advancing destruction of rainforests which constitutes a serious interference with nature. With other words the extinction of so many species not even known yet to science.


Therefore, the intensive agricultural development and deforestation also threatens the habitat and existence of orangutans and l last not least - of numerous forest tribes and scores of rural communities depending for their livelihood on the ecosystem services of rainforests.


By helping local farmers to operate sustainable, ecologically friendly coffee plantations, supporting the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program and fighting against deforestation, the Orang Utan Coffee Project is a transparent 360 degrees project. - it changes lives.


This is how it works:


- OUCP empowers coffee farmers to produce organically

- OUCP buys during conversion period and later on the organic coffee from participating farmers

- and sells the green bean to roasters all over the world

- for every kilo exported green bean the coffee growers get 50 cents and also 50 cents go to the orangutans

- roasters create their own Orang Utan Coffee roasting profile

- coffeelovers enjoy a sustainably produced, tasty coffee and become part of a greater coffee consumption and orangutan- & rainforest defenders


We cannot change the world immediately but everyone can make its contribution to make the world a better place. Supporting the Orang Utan Coffee Project is our contribute for a more transparent, sustainable and quality driven coffee industry.



Every cup of this coffee has a direct impact. And that’s why we proudly serve Orang Utan Coffee on our showcasts.

talking about the project:

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Holger Welz | TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG & Orang Utan Coffee

Ian Singleton | Director SOCP

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