TONE Touch 02


TONE innovation brings multifunctionality allowing operators to brew by the batch and prepare a single origin, single cup beverage simultaneously – on one device! Once again TONE IBS technology within the space saving and optimized side arm delivers for every location’s busiest moments. One device delivers six solutions: hot, cold, iced coffee & tea, nitro, mocktails, and fresh cold brew.

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So much more than a Simple “Batch Brewer”

The most multifunctional brewing solution on the market today has all the operational capability to take the modern brew bar to the next level.

The Touch 02 is the perfect solution to cope with the vigorous demands of producing a diverse beverage menu with quality and efficiency.Its main brewing chamber focuses on delivering bulk brew coffee & tea, hot and iced while the innovative side arm extension enables the barista to focus on a customer service experience by creating small batches and single cups of entirely different coffee and tea creations. As part of the TONE Touch series the Touch 02 incorporates two intuitive interfaces that facilitates programming recipes simply and with precision. Combined with TONE’s IBC (Intelligent Brewing Control), the barista manages the brewing parameters ensuring a uniform extraction to get the very best out of every product.

The Touch 02 delivers unrivalled multifunctionality, speed, consistency and quality, making it one of the most powerful and versatile brewers on todays’ market.


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Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 285 × 715 × 627 cm