Adib Maksoud Appointed as New Sales Manager MEA

Adib Maksoud, a dedicated professional with over 23 years of specialized experience in the coffee industry, joins TONE Europe GmbH as the Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa region.

TONE Europe GmbH is delighted to confirm the appointment of Adib Maksoud as the Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Adib brings over two decades of specialized experience in the coffee industry, demonstrating a profound dedication to fostering valuable partnerships and empowering both consumers and businesses. His commitment and passion make him an ideal candidate for propelling TONE’s growth in the MEA region.

A Lebanese native and currently residing in Cyprus, Adib Maksoud has dedicated over 23 years to the coffee industry, including 13 significant years with a multinational company. His journey from a Barista to the General Manager of a notable distribution company in Lebanon, and his commercial role with Monin in Saudi Arabia, exhibits his extensive experience and devotion to the coffee domain. His accomplishments also include achieving the titles of Master Roaster and Cup Taster, and his pivotal role in national and international Barista competitions.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director of TONE Europe, shared his enthusiasm about the new addition to the team: “We are very pleased to have Adib with his long-term business experience in this region on board to further develop this exciting market in the Middle East.

Adib’s strategic vision for TONE in the MEA region involves crafting key strategic partnerships, actively engaging with consumers and businesses to demonstrate the TONE machine’s benefits, and raising demand and quality for TONE products. His objective is to extend TONE’s reach, enhance mutual capabilities, and establish TONE as the preferred choice for coffee technology solutions in the MEA region.

Introduction Interview Adib Maksoud (New Sales Manager MEA)

Would you like to introduce yourself briefly? 

I’m Adib Maksoud, originally from Lebanon and currently residing in Cyprus. With over 23 years of expertise in the coffee industry, 13 of which were spent within a multinational company, I’ve cultivated a deep-rooted passion for diverse facets of the coffee world. I’ve dedicated more than 18 years to the beverage distribution domain, embracing challenges and thoughtfully taking risks to achieve my goals. 

Throughout my professional journey, my central ambition was consistently centered on attaining corporate objectives and nurturing the expansion of the MEA presence of the company. I’m driven by a desire to not only meet market demands and competitive pressures but also to innovate and introduce new products that cater to these dynamics. To sum it up, I’m a dedicated coffee enthusiast who thrives on challenges, embraces risks, and is committed to propelling the coffee industry forward. 

What did you do before? 

My journey has been quite diverse. I embarked on my career trip back in 2000 as a Barista, delving into the world of coffee. Since then, I progressed to roles such as Head Barista, Production Manager, and eventually General Manager for a prominent Distribution company based in Lebanon. During my nine-year tenure with this company, I was fortunate to deeply explore my passion for coffee. I dedicated myself to comprehensive coffee training, navigating the entire range from understanding green coffee to crafting the perfect shot of coffee. 

In my pursuit of refining my skills, I achieved the titles of Master Roaster and Cup Taster, while also assuming the role of a seasoned “Train the Trainer”. My engagement extended beyond personal growth as I headed a pivotal national Barista competition for nine years. My responsibilities ranged from overseeing the competition itself to training and coaching the national winner, preparing them for the international competition. 

During my time in the distribution field, the company I worked for stood as the authorized representative for a range of esteemed brands, including BUNN O MATIC and FETCO BREWER coffee machines, La Marzocco and Dalla Corte espresso machines, Mahlkonig Grinders, Revolution Tea, Monin Syrups, Mocafe Powder, and a portfolio of their own coffee roasting products. 

Around the mid of 2009, I embraced a new chapter in my career by transitioning from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia. This transition marked my collaboration with the Monin company, where I took on a commercial role, further enriching my journey in the coffee industry. 

How did your path lead you to us? 

My journey eventually brought me to your company through a series of serendipitous events and valuable connections. While I was working in Lebanon, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Holger over numerous years, representing his brand.  

In 2017, Holger invited me to Zurich to witness the unveiling of an innovative coffee technology machine. It was during this visit that I had the unique opportunity to not only witness but also contribute to the development of the initial prototype of the TONE COFFEE machine. This experience marked the genesis of my engagement with your company, solidifying our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee technology and innovation. 

What are your plans for the future / what are your visions for TONE in MEA? 

My forward-looking strategies for the future encompass a comprehensive vision for TONE’s presence and growth within the MEA region. Here are the key aspects of my plans: 

These aspirations feature my dedication to advancing the coffee industry and driving TONE’s success in the region. 

TONE it down by Barista Hustle

“It takes roughly the same amount of power to heat the water for brewing, no matter what type of brewer you use. It’s the energy use when you’re not brewing that you need to take care of,” explains Gordon Howell, product developer at coffee equipment maker TONE. “Most espresso machines — and definitely most brewers — have no insulation, so the loss of temperature per hour is huge.”

European Commision research backs this up, saying that the amount of energy an espresso machine uses to brew coffee is ‘of little relevance’ in calculating the overall energy efficiency of a machine. About three-quarters of the energy consumption of typical coffee machines goes to keeping them hot or on standby mode (Bush et al 2009).

“What does it cost to run that machine that’s doing nothing? Even if you turn it off, you’ve got litres of hot water sitting there doing nothing, never mind the effect of this stagnant water on the taste of the coffee the next day,” Gordon says. This applies to both espresso machines and batch brewers — especially those machines that use hot plates to keep coffee warm. Not only are these terrible for the flavour of the coffee, but they also use more energy than brewing the coffee in the first place (Kreitz et al 2011).

Cafe owners like Joe have not often prioritised energy-efficiency in the past, when deciding what equipment to buy. “I’ve always looked for the best equipment to produce the best coffee I can, and until recently the energy consumption was a distant thought,” Joe says. “I am, however, on the hunt for a second espresso machine. One thing I will certainly be asking is about energy consumption and efficiency when making my purchase decision.”

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TONE and Blue Tokai Roasters

Join Forces to Redefine Indian Coffee Experience

TONE collaborates with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters to introduce cutting-edge brewing technology to India’s specialty coffee market.

TONE Coffee Machines, a Swiss company specializing in energy-efficient and intelligently designed brewing technology, announces its collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s largest specialty coffee brand. This is TONE’s first major appearance in the Indian market, and is expected to revolutionize the Indian coffee scene with its state-of-the-art brewing equipment, the Touch 03.

TONE was born from a vision of elevating the precision of temperature and flow control in tea and filter coffee brewing equipment. Inspired by technological innovations from the espresso industry, TONE sought out global design and engineering experts to create a better, smarter, and more thoughtful brewing device. By combining the expertise of specialty coffee and tea professionals with engineers from the medical device and aerospace industries, TONE developed the world’s first boilerless and energy-optimized brewer. In fact, TONE’s trailblazing products offer precision control of temperature and flow, consuming a remarkable 10 times less energy than traditional equipment. 

The company’s easy-to-use software and firmware enable users to define consistent brewing parameters and unlock an unprecedented number of recipes. This level of control and efficiency ensures unparalleled brewing perfection while minimizing environmental impact.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s pioneer in specialty coffee, has been instrumental in shaping and elevating the country’s coffee culture to global standards. With headquarters in Gurgaon and operations in multiple Indian cities and Japan, Blue Tokai is renowned for its commitment to quality and accessibility. The company sources the finest Indian beans, expertly roasts them to enhance their flavors, and in the process has garnered a loyal customer base across its website, over 70 cafes, retail outlets, luxury hotels, restaurants and corporates.

Matt Chitharanjan, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, expressed, “At Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, we are deeply committed to getting more people to appreciate and enjoy Indian specialty coffee, and our collaboration with TONE is a step forward towards that aim.” He further added, “By being able to offer multiple coffees with specific recipes tailored for each coffee, we expect to generate interest and curiosity amongst cafe visitors, with a goal of highlighting the wide flavor notes and, thus, expanding the category. By automating the brewing process, we can ensure consistency in every cup, while also giving more time to our baristas to engage with the customers directly.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director at TONE, emphasized the significance of this partnership, saying, “The collaboration between TONE and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a great success for TONE and a first step towards our enormous potential in the Indian coffee market. We see a great opportunity in India and look forward to going down this path with Blue Tokai.

Together, TONE and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters are set to redefine the coffee experience in India. By automating the brewing process with TONE’s state-of-the-art technology, the collaboration ensures consistency in every cup while allowing baristas more time to engage directly with customers. This partnership aims to introduce Indian coffee enthusiasts to an unmatched sensory journey, showcasing specialty coffee’s diverse flavors and profiles.

For more information about TONE’s innovative brewing equipment and its collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, users can visit TONE’s official  and Blue Tokai’s website.


A Technological Marvel Ushering in a New Era of Coffee Brewing and Extraction

Discover the Future of Coffee Brewing: Introducing TONE Touch 04 at SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon.

Coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike will witness a brewing revolution as TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG unveils its groundbreaking filter coffee batch brewer, the TONE Touch 04. Visitors to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Portland, Oregon will be able to see the energy efficient, precision-controlled device, at booth #2377 hosted by GH Grinding & Brewing solutions. The TONE Touch 04 seamlessly blends innovative design with cutting-edge technology, and is set to transform and elevate the art of coffee brewing in cafes and restaurants worldwide.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director of TONE, is elated with the impending launch: “The TONE Touch 04 transcends conventional brewing machines by enabling baristas to tap into the full potential of their coffee and tea beverages while using 10x less energy than a traditional brewer. Leveraging unique boiler-less technology and customizable recipe buttons, the Touch 04 grants unparalleled precision control over agitation, flow rates, and pulse patterns—achieving higher extractions than any other brewer in existence.

TONE’s vision materialized by uniting specialty coffee and tea experts with world-class medical device and aerospace engineers. The result is a trailblazing, energy-efficient, boiler-less brewer—controlled by sophisticated software. Now, operators can have an unprecedented number of recipes with consistent brewing parameters while also being environmentally responsible.

In the words of TONE’s founder Holger Welz: “The TONE Touch 04 signifies a true evolution in brewing and extraction. It’s more than a machine—it’s an indispensable tool for creating consistently perfect cups of coffee.” 

The latest iteration in TONE’s line of Swiss precision brewers builds upon its acclaimed Touch 03 model. The key enhancements include optimized brewing capacity ranging from one to four liters, unlimited recipe customization via the TONE Beverage Manager software, and a built-in descaling valve. Both the Touch 04 and the TOUCH 03 are eco-friendly as they consume ten times less energy than traditional brewing equipment – an unprecedented standard.

Beyond its exceptional brewing capabilities, the TONE Touch 04 embodies simplicity and convenience with its intelligent brewing system and “black-box” maintenance approach. Another add on is the previously unavailable water bybass, which now enables simple pre-programmed water dosing. This innovative product empowers baristas to effortlessly fine-tune recipes and cater to the diverse preferences of coffee aficionados.

The Industrial Designer Thomas Liebe adds that the product’s impact extends beyond mere technological advancements: “The TONE Touch 04 brings a new level of simplicity and elegance to consumers’ coffee experiences.”

As anticipation for the TONE Touch 04’s unveiling at SCA Expo continues to brew, coffee professionals and enthusiasts are eager to experience this game-changing innovation firsthand. For more information about TONE and its state-of-the-art products, visit


We are pleased to announce that the TONE Beverage Manager Software for the Touch 03 is now available for download in all AppStores. It has also been given a completely new look and impresses with its user-friendliness! Various new gadgets like the in- and export of recipes or the freestyle mode, where the barista has the possibility to adjust all parameters – ALL of them – according to his needs. 

NOW available in iOS, Google and Microsoft App Store.

iOS Store

Google PlayStore

Microsoft Store


The proven tab provides a tool for a quick and successful recipe creation. There are four pre-set options for coffee and three for tea, which will result in different flavour intensities of the beverage.


The Advanced tab provides you a very intuitive and comprehensive tool for the creation of new recipes. You can set the temperature of each extraction phase (bloom, turbulence, development) and define the characteristics of the water pulses (quantity, flow ratio, duration, interval).


The freestyle chapter provides a way to create a recipe entirely without restrictions or frameworks.

Let’s try your own recipe!

Sensory Summit Zurich

Two days, eight seminars and workshops and about 100 people. TONE is event sponsor together with our partner PROFA. There was tasting, smelling, analyzing and a lot of knowledge sharing, led by Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian through the lessons. On the two days we were responsible for preparing the coffee for the various workshops. For six lessons we brewed up to 25 liters each on two TONE TOUCH 02. These were then divided into six 4-liter vaculators and served to the participants for “cupping”.  A wide range of coffees was served, from “standard” to “wild species”.

During the breaks, participants had the opportunity to get to know and try out the TOUCH 03. Thus, almost every coffee that was drunk on these two days was brewed on a TONE coffee machine.

Caffé Culture Show London

Another highlight at the end of the summer was the Caffé Culture Show held on the first weekend in September. Together with our UK partner brew-it group we rocked the Business Design Center in London! As a brew bar sponsor, TONE was not only highly visible but also once again a contact point for all those who have not yet experienced Touch 03 live and in action!

In total, twelve TONE Touch 03 were used by roasters like Crankhouse Coffee, Cuppers Choice, Volcano Coffee Works, Alchemy, Curve, Clifton and many more. And what can we say, this is what enthusiasm looks like. 🙂

You can find our highlights in the gallery.

World of Coffee 2022 Milan

3 days of Milan – 3 days of joy, friends, discoveries, and coffee – lots of coffee.

After a few years of abstinence, the coffee world was thirsty and turned up in numbers at the World of Coffee in Milan on June 23rd – 25th. We can proudly say that our booth – our 9m long open Brew Bar with eight white TONE Touch 03 was a highlight and meeting point at this year’s SCA World of Coffee in Milan.

Several roasters and interested people had the opportunity to brew their coffee with the TONE Touch 03 and discovered it in a completely new way.

Edgard Bressani from Brazil on one side at the booth and Henauer Kaffee from Switzerland on the other, accompanied TONE with their wonderful coffees as resident roasters at the booth. The new TONE software with its new look and UL was used for the first time as a beta-version and already convinced everybody with its usability. Stay tuned, the updated UL and possibility to use it for Apple OSX is close!

The TONE Touch 03 was not only put through its paces at the TONE booth, but also at 10 other booths where visitors could enjoy the machine’s capabilities and beautiful coffee provided by:

19 grams



Brazilian brew bar

BWT water+more

Booth of Colombia

Hemro Manufacturing

Fair Trade

List & Beisler

SCA Community bar

In addition to Touch 03, guests at World of Coffee also enjoyed our Nitro Coffee and Nitro Tea, a refreshing change to the hot Italian temperatures.

You can find our highlights in the gallery.

Advice: Strategic Partnership

– TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG, Thun – Switzerland which is known for its unique boilerless technology starts a partnership with BWT Water+More Deutschland GmbH, Wiesbaden – Germany, Europe’s technology leader and inventor of sensory oriented water optimization –

Thun – June 22nd, 2022 – TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG (“TONE”), announces its strategic partnership with BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH (“BWT”). TONE focuses on developing and manufacturing energy efficient and intelligently designed brewing equipment. Both companies are going beyond the conventional by building a better, more sustainable future to deliver products that exceed current standards for performance, ease of use and service.

After a meeting in 2020 between BWT and TONE both companies realized that they share the same targets for their customers: best final coffee quality in the cup – everywhere in the world! In addition, fully reliable protection of the coffee machine independent of local water quality, is a must! For achieving this, TONE and BWT investigated in deep the effects of water optimization of both companies’ devices. Benefit for all customers of TONE worldwide is an integrated solution, ensuring always best coffee by perfect water.

The partnership of TONE and BWT includes further joint development of water optimization for coffee, as well as worldwide training and technical support for all customers.

For more info about the project and the results of the study click here BWT and TONE will be present at the upcoming SCA WoC Show in Milan (June 23rd – 25th) TONE products can be found at:

  1. BWT water+more booth H3-S10
  2. TONE booth H3-D04
  3. Fairtrade International booth MS-C03
  4. List & Beisler booth H3-B11
  5. Hemro Group booth H3-Q03
  6. SCA Brew Bar
  7. Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur Berlin Wien – Roasters Village No 40

About TONE:

TONE provides the world’s first portfolio of intelligently designed equipment dedicated to unmatched brewing precision and control while also consuming 10 times less energy than any competitive offering.

About BWT water+more

As a water optimization specialist operating on an international footing, BWT water+more has an overview of the local water situations worldwide and supports the international coffee community with their full practical know-how. The technological advances by BWT water+more provide the ideal conditions for success in the hotel/restaurant/café sector.

BWT water+more has the world’s biggest product portfolio for optimizing water for specialty coffees, hot and cold beverages, baking, steaming, and dish-washing engineering. 

Founded in 2005, the water filter specialist is a member of the global Best Water Technology AG (BWT). Founded in Austria in 1990, the BWT Group is Europe’s leading player in the water treatment industry, with approx. 5,000 employees in 70 subsidiaries and affiliates.

More information:

US launch with partner GHGBS

TONE Swiss, manufacturer of the SCA award winning, boilerless TONE Touch 03, and its official partner, GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions, were proud to officially launch the US operations during the SCA Show in Boston held from April 8th – 10th 2022.

This was the first time TONE with its Touch 03 was presented during a trade show in the US. More than 10,000 unique visitors were coming to the show in Boston. The whole industry was starving to finally see new technologies and inventions again after a 2-year draught. 

The feedback of all visitors who had the chance to see the Touch 03 in action was amazing. Even globally known tech companies were visiting the booth of Gary and his team to get a demo of the Touch 03. The setting was a perfect chance for visitors to be introduced to the world’s most technologically advanced, energy efficient, precision-controlled brewing equipment. Touch 03’s sustainable energy control system and the ease of servicing and operating were the points the visitors loved most. Coffee and tea specialists had a chance to appreciate and understand the TONE dedication to helping users create precise, consistent beverages and workflow, while using 10x less energy than traditional equipment.

Gary Horne, CEO of Gary Horne Grinding and Brewing Solutions said: “Adding TONE to our portfolio once we had the chance was a no brainer. Not because we knew the guys from TONE personally before, because we realized that this is a real innovation and our industry, especially nowadays with energy prices going up and people focus on consistency, need products which save energy and give you the consistency without sacrificing the job of the barista”.

Jörg Krahl, International Sales Director of TONE added: “Once we decided to move into the US market, I exactly knew with whom I wanted to cooperate. Gary’s market insights, brand building skills and strong team as well as his network was the perfect fit for TONE. Gary was known for selling grinders, but the SCA show in Boston did show us that he is just born to sell premium equipment in general. The TONE Touch 03 is only the beginning of where we are going with our boilerless technology. As new products in the TONE pipeline continue to roll out, we are more than confident that US customers will receive the support that Gary and his team excel at delivering.“

About TONE:

TONE provides the world’s first portfolio of intelligently designed equipment dedicated to unmatched brewing precision and control while also consuming 10 times less energy than any competitive offering.

About GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions:

They are committed to bringing the absolute best grinding and brewing equipment to North America, Canada, and Latin America. The philosophy of support and customer care is very important to GHGBS. Trust, reliability, and innovation are the qualities that drive the company.