…And the winner is Touch 03!

Touch 03 has been selected as 2021 Best New Product in the Commercial Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment category!

Touch 03 technology unleashes the full potential of coffee
and tea at the touch of a button. Take single serve coffee
and the modern brew bar to the next level.

Tone product family

Designed to address every customer’s need, TONE products offer a whole new flexibility in brewing. One device allows you to brew a broad variety of beverages!

TONE intelligent programming allows precise and consistent dispensing of the desired water quantity and can memorize up to 60 recipes of your favorite coffee & tea creations. TONE makes extraordinary taste reproducible. Along with volumetric controls, TONE temperature stability ensures extraction precision for ideal taste. Adding an ice storage vessel even allows preparation of extraordinary cold beverages further extending the broad range of beverages possible with TONE.

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Orang Utan coffee project

At TONE, we believe in sustainability and to show it, we are deeply committed to supporting the Orang Utan Coffee project. The project succeeds by taking responsibility for transparent, fair, sustainable coffee trade and the protection of orangutans in their natural habitat. The Orang Utan Coffee project aims to secure the livelihood of over 350 smallholder farmers in Gayo Highland / northern Sumatra, Indonesia by tying their efforts to the conservation of this endangered species. This unique combination of animal protection and high-quality coffee production represents the future of economic and environmental sustainability along with organic cultivation and traceability techniques.