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Introducing the TONE Touch 04 by TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG, featuring enhanced brew capacity and control with advanced Boilerless Technology. 

Baristas can precisely adjust settings for optimal results, while the TONE Beverage Manager software allows for unlimited recipe creation and sharing. With 4 programmable recipe buttons, versatile customization is at your fingertips. Achieving unparalleled extractions, it delivers instant hot water and facilitates easy recipe adjustments. Maintenance is simplified with the black-box concept, like its predecessor, the TONE Touch 03.

Touch 04


6900 W
Brewing Vol.
Max. 4 Liter
22 KG
220 - 240V
(two phase fused to 16A)
*No Thermos and Brew Basket Lock / Detection included
Basket detection and locking system ensure safety & security during the brewing process (optional)
Condensation backflow is directed into the brew basket
Brew basket carrier is dishwasher safe and can be easily removed
Optimized Bypass
functionality allows for concentrate dilution

Touch 04


The TONE Touch 04 is the most revolutionary brewer on today‘s market and offers the operational capability to take the modern brew bar to the next level!

Tone Beverage Manager

one app for our boilerless products

The TONE Beverage Manager is one app for the 2 boilerless products.

To specialty beverage equipment users seeking to be at the forefront of the industry, TONE provides the world’s first portfolio of intelligently designed equipment dedicated to unmatched brewing precision and control while also consuming 10 times less energy than any competitive offering.
Download the app here!
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