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Brew Basket
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Brew Basket

The Brew Basket of the TOUCH 04 is made of robust and high-quality materials that ensure a long service life and reliable performance. It is designed for maximum functionality and ease of use.

It is designed to ensure an even distribution of water over the coffee powder. This results in optimum extraction and a full-bodied coffee taste.

Additionally, it is easy to insert and remove, making the brewing process more efficient and user-friendly. The Brew Basket is also easy to clean, which facilitates maintenance and ensures hygiene.


The thermos container is equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation, which ensures that the coffee stays warm for a longer period of time. This insulation helps to maintain the temperature and preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee.

The TOUCH 04 thermos has a generous capacity that allows larger quantities of coffee to be stored. This is ideal for environments with high coffee consumption such as offices, cafés or events.

The Thermos is specially designed for the TOUCH 04 coffee machine, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance. This ensures that the Thermos can be seamlessly integrated into the brewing process.


The filter paper for the TOUCH 04 from TONE is a specially developed accessory.
The paper is made of high-quality, food-safe materials that do not release any unwanted aromas or chemicals into the coffee. It is designed to preserve the natural taste and aroma of the coffee.

The filter paper of the TOUCH 04 is a carefully designed accessory that complements the performance of the coffee machine and ensures that every brewing process results in a first-class coffee experience.
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