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“Energy efficient, intelligently designed technology committed to brewing perfection!”

To specialty beverage equipment users seeking to be at the forefront of the industry, TONE provides the world’s first portfolio of intelligently designed equipment dedicated to unmatched brewing precision and control while also consuming 10 times less energy than any competitive offering. TONE has arrived in the post touch screen age and is proud of starting a new aera of intelligent products.
Boilerless, multifunctional AI technology


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Designed to address every customer’s need, TONE products offer a whole new flexibility in brewing. One device allows you to brew a broad variety of beverages!

TONE intelligent programming allows precise and consistent dispensing of the desired water quantity and can memorize up to 60 recipes of your favorite coffee & tea creations. TONE makes extraordinary taste reproducible. Along with volumetric controls, TONE temperature stability ensures extraction precision for ideal taste. Adding an ice storage vessel even allows preparation of extraordinary cold beverages further extending the broad range of beverages possible with TONE.
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Sharing knowledge and communicating is the key to constantly elevating the quality of beverage preparation and improving every element of the coffee business for our community of partners. We know of no other way but to support our shared vision by talking, brainstorming, and educating ourselves together. Read everything about the latest TONE development, where we are exhibiting, and places to meet our team.
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TONE is represented by our most trusted partners in 54 countries since 2021. We take pride in supporting our partners at an unprecedented standard through training and knowledge transfer. We are always looking to enhance our team with a fresh pair of vision. Don‘t hesitate to reach out!
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Tone History

It all started with a meeting of minds in a restaurant in Dublin at the World Championships in 2016. A simple idea of learning from the world of espresso and making a more efficient, dynamic and multifunctional commercial bulcoffeebrewer.
The Touch 02 prototype was born. A single boiler unit equipped with an innovative side arm enabling three beverages to be dispensed at the same time. Built with additional functionality: production of bulk iced tea and coffee. All recipes were created simply through an intuitive IBS system and dispensed at the touch of a button.
The 01, the 02’s little brother was created to offer a simpler 4 litre brewing solution for hot and cold tea and beverages.
  • Product launch: Touch 01 + Touch 02
  • “The breakthrough concept” of the 02’s smarter, more dynamic, little sister the •Touch 03 was presented at World of Coffee Berlin June (boilerless, and infinitely more control of the brewing process taking our IBS system to a whole new level)
  • WAVE Investments became shareholder of TONE in June
  • TONE Europe GmbH was founded in Hamburg in September
  • Pre-series of Touch 03 was presented at HOST/Milan in October and 02 scoops a SCA new product
  • First assembly of Touch 03 in Thun in Q1 and launch for sale in April
  • Since Q2/20 development of Touch Espresso with a goal to be in serial production in first half 2021
  • Dealing with COVID and expansion of the global dealer structure
  • Winner SCA Best New Product Award with the TONE Touch 03
  • Start the development of the Touch 04 Batch Brewer on the Touch 03 Technology
  • Setup of the new warehouse in Hamburg
  • Launch of the Touch 04 prototype during the SCA Show in Portland in April
  • Launch of the Touch E prototype during the HOST exhibition in Milan in October

Touch 04 officially starts selling and gets nominated for „SCA‘s Best New Product“. Judging takes place at the World of Coffee, copenhagen.

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