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Sep 08, 2023

Adib Maksoud Appointed as New Sales Manager MEA

Adib Maksoud, a dedicated professional with over 23 years of specialized experience in the coffee industry, joins TONE Europe GmbH as the Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa region.

TONE Europe GmbH is delighted to confirm the appointment of Adib Maksoud as the Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Adib brings over two decades of specialized experience in the coffee industry, demonstrating a profound dedication to fostering valuable partnerships and empowering both consumers and businesses. His commitment and passion make him an ideal candidate for propelling TONE’s growth in the MEA region.

A Lebanese native and currently residing in Cyprus, Adib Maksoud has dedicated over 23 years to the coffee industry, including 13 significant years with a multinational company. His journey from a Barista to the General Manager of a notable distribution company in Lebanon, and his commercial role with Monin in Saudi Arabia, exhibits his extensive experience and devotion to the coffee domain. His accomplishments also include achieving the titles of Master Roaster and Cup Taster, and his pivotal role in national and international Barista competitions.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director of TONE Europe, shared his enthusiasm about the new addition to the team: “We are very pleased to have Adib with his long-term business experience in this region on board to further develop this exciting market in the Middle East.

Adib’s strategic vision for TONE in the MEA region involves crafting key strategic partnerships, actively engaging with consumers and businesses to demonstrate the TONE machine’s benefits, and raising demand and quality for TONE products. His objective is to extend TONE’s reach, enhance mutual capabilities, and establish TONE as the preferred choice for coffee technology solutions in the MEA region.

Introduction Interview Adib Maksoud (New Sales Manager MEA)

Would you like to introduce yourself briefly? 

I’m Adib Maksoud, originally from Lebanon and currently residing in Cyprus. With over 23 years of expertise in the coffee industry, 13 of which were spent within a multinational company, I’ve cultivated a deep-rooted passion for diverse facets of the coffee world. I’ve dedicated more than 18 years to the beverage distribution domain, embracing challenges and thoughtfully taking risks to achieve my goals. 

Throughout my professional journey, my central ambition was consistently centered on attaining corporate objectives and nurturing the expansion of the MEA presence of the company. I’m driven by a desire to not only meet market demands and competitive pressures but also to innovate and introduce new products that cater to these dynamics. To sum it up, I’m a dedicated coffee enthusiast who thrives on challenges, embraces risks, and is committed to propelling the coffee industry forward. 

What did you do before? 

My journey has been quite diverse. I embarked on my career trip back in 2000 as a Barista, delving into the world of coffee. Since then, I progressed to roles such as Head Barista, Production Manager, and eventually General Manager for a prominent Distribution company based in Lebanon. During my nine-year tenure with this company, I was fortunate to deeply explore my passion for coffee. I dedicated myself to comprehensive coffee training, navigating the entire range from understanding green coffee to crafting the perfect shot of coffee. 

In my pursuit of refining my skills, I achieved the titles of Master Roaster and Cup Taster, while also assuming the role of a seasoned “Train the Trainer”. My engagement extended beyond personal growth as I headed a pivotal national Barista competition for nine years. My responsibilities ranged from overseeing the competition itself to training and coaching the national winner, preparing them for the international competition. 

During my time in the distribution field, the company I worked for stood as the authorized representative for a range of esteemed brands, including BUNN O MATIC and FETCO BREWER coffee machines, La Marzocco and Dalla Corte espresso machines, Mahlkonig Grinders, Revolution Tea, Monin Syrups, Mocafe Powder, and a portfolio of their own coffee roasting products. 

Around the mid of 2009, I embraced a new chapter in my career by transitioning from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia. This transition marked my collaboration with the Monin company, where I took on a commercial role, further enriching my journey in the coffee industry. 

How did your path lead you to us? 

My journey eventually brought me to your company through a series of serendipitous events and valuable connections. While I was working in Lebanon, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Holger over numerous years, representing his brand.  

In 2017, Holger invited me to Zurich to witness the unveiling of an innovative coffee technology machine. It was during this visit that I had the unique opportunity to not only witness but also contribute to the development of the initial prototype of the TONE COFFEE machine. This experience marked the genesis of my engagement with your company, solidifying our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee technology and innovation. 

What are your plans for the future / what are your visions for TONE in MEA? 

My forward-looking strategies for the future encompass a comprehensive vision for TONE’s presence and growth within the MEA region. Here are the key aspects of my plans: 

  • Forge Strategic Partnerships: One of my paramount objectives is to establish strategic partnerships with the right entities across the region. These partnerships will play a pivotal role in amplifying TONE’s reach, enhancing our mutual capabilities, and effectively catering to the diverse needs of the market. 
  • Empower Consumers and Businesses: I am willing to work closely with consumers and businesses in the MEA region. This involves actively engaging with them to showcase the various benefits that the TONE machine brings to their operations. By demonstrating the machine’s potential and how it can elevate their businesses, we will be able to foster a deep sense of value and partnership. 
  • Elevate Demand and Quality: A core aspiration is for TONE to rise to the forefront as the leading brand in the MEA region, both in terms of demand and machine quality. The commitment to excellence will position TONE as the preferred choice for businesses seeking the highest quality coffee technology solutions. 

These aspirations feature my dedication to advancing the coffee industry and driving TONE’s success in the region. 

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