Our Modern brew bar generation

At the core of all TONE products is the IBS – Intelligent Brewing System. Each brewer is designed to be multifunctional and to satisfy a broad range of customer needs. In fact, any single device can provide up to 5 solutions the each normally require a dedicated piece of equipment. The key to this flexibility is TONE technology that allows memorization of up to 60+ recipes with each able to vary water quantity, time, and temperature.

Tone Touch 04

Boilerless evolution in brewing and extraction!

The Touch 04 has 4 recipe buttons that can each be programmed to execute two functions. For example, one can program 4 coffee or tea recipes and 4 dynamic water profiles for dispensing set quantities when the brew basket is removed. By optimizing water reach and penetration of the coffee bed, the TONE Touch 04 can achieve higher extractions than any other brewer in the world!

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Tone Touch 03

First Standalone boilerless coffee & tea brewer

The TONE Touch 03, is our first revolutionary step to redifining the future of brewing. Our tankless system has world class technology allowing users to control all parameters of the extraction such as: time, temperature, water flow, pulse, and delay. This innovative device allows recipe programming and once set-up controls all three phases of the extraction process.

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Tone Touch 02

So much more than a Simple “Batch Brewer”

TONE innovation brings multifunctionality allowing operators to brew by the batch and prepare a single origin, single cup beverage simultaneously – on one device! Once again TONE IBS technology within the space saving and optimized side arm delivers for every location’s busiest moments. One device delivers six solutions: hot, cold, iced coffee & tea, nitro, mocktails, and fresh cold brew.

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Tone Touch 01

Not a Simple Batch Brewer

While basic for TONE, the Touch 01 batch brewer is nothing of the sort. Equipped with patented IBS – intelligent brewing solution – this brewer is a perfect fit for medium large volume cafes that seek to produce hotor cold coffee & tea while having the flexibility to deliver Nitro, fresh cold brew, and many other recipes.

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Ice Coffee & Tea Solutions

Fresh cold coffee & tea brewing it no longer a challenge with the TONE Ice Kit Solution. Designed for use in combination with TONE Touch 01 and TONE Touch 02 this simple accessory allows preparation of large quantities of fresh quality cold beverages. Water dilution is no longer something to worry about. Allow TONE to cool things down and keep all the flavor of your coffee and tea just as you brewed it.

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Plug & Play with Air

Reduced to the max – The Tone Nitro Solution comes in a clean and compact design as plug & play solution to fit every counter. It has an integrated cooler and uses nitrogen from the air rather than high pressure nitrogen cylinders to safely deliver maximum performance. Perfect for those seeking to deliver the most cutting-edge beverages with simplicity and efficiency. Perfect in combination with Touch 01 and Touch 02.

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Grinder 75

Standard of excellence

The TONE grinder 75 is jointly designed and customized in partnership with Anfim Caimano Drogheria. It features professional grinding at the TONE standard of excellence along with precise on-demand dosing. Grinding discs are made of hardened steel and handle up to 1 kg per grind with ease. The multifunction control unit with display allows you to set the timer to the perfect setting for any pre-defined quantity goal. The grinding cycle is initiated by simple commands on the corresponding touch pad. Each TONE grinder 75 comes with a basket holder designed to mate perfectly with both the TONE Touch 01 and Touch 02 models for seamless integration.

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