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World of Coffee, Berlin 06-08 june, 2019 After an intense time of development of our Intelligent Brewing Solutions, the whole #tonecrew was looking forward to finally attend the annual World of Coffee Festival, Europe's biggest coffee event. Organised by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the #WOCberlin is a highlight for baristas, roasters, producers and other coffee professionals from all over the world. - Our opportunity to showcase what’s possible with our ultimate brewing solutions on an international stage and to bring #moretone to the specialty coffee community. At our stand C10 you could encounter different kinds of brew bar set-ups to experience the full extent of possibilities our brewing solutions deliver. Provided by Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei (Hamburg), 19grams (Berlin) and Heilandt Kaffeemanufaktur (Cologne), we proudly served Orang Utan Coffee to support our project of heart and to give you the greatest taste of coffee. To kick off the fair in style, the Tone Crew teamed up with Barista World Champion Dale Harris from Hasbean to unleash the power of our newest brewing innovation, the Touch 03. By brewing exceptional Hasbean coffee variations, Gordon and Dale demonstrated the scope of yield management (low to high) through the Touch 03 and its ability to control all attributes of water that impact on a coffee’s ability to extraction. Even though the finalisation of the Touch 03 is still in progress, showcasing it for the very first time created a moment to remember and gave the specialty coffee community a preview of what revolutionizing technology Tone will come up with by autumn of this year. Aside from the great kick-off with Dale Harris, we were happy to welcome another World Champion to our stand: No other than Victor Delpierre, creator of the “Cuisine Des Boissons®” and World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion 2013, who has been part of the #tonecrew for the entire show. His expertise in coffee&tea beverage creation made him the perfect fit for the practical exhibition of what’s possible with our Intelligent Brewing Solutions. All prepared with our Touch 01, the Tone Ice Kit and Nitro Solution he served iced teas, nitro coffee&tea creations and the most delicious cocktails. Furthermore, the Tone Nitro solution was included to Victor's show on the main stage, presenting some of his favourite beverage creations just before the award ceremony of the new World Champion in Coffee in Good Spirits. Victor certainly enhanced our and the visitors' time at the World of Coffee by adding #moretone to the cups and giving people the best possible coffee&tea experience. Many thanks for that! One of the most outstanding moments of the event was the announcement that our Touch 02 got awarded from the Specialty Coffee Association with an honorable mention for “The Best New Product in Commercial Coffee and Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment”. The whole #tonecrew is very proud of the high recognition from international jury of coffee professionals and of the fact that our Intelligent Brewing Solution could win through strong competitors by delivering excellent performance. In retrospect, the #WOCberlin was amazing! After three days of showcasing and celebrating the best possible coffee&tea creations with #coffeelovers from all over the world, we are already looking forward to creating #moretone at the next World of Coffee in Warsaw. Hope to see you there! Daily Coffee News, by Roast Magazine Swiss Batch Brewer Tone Touch 02 Sneaks In Some Brews on the Side. Howard Bryman | September 17, 2019 Read the full article here.
INTERNORGA „Europe’s leading trade show for foodservice and hospitality“ 15-19 march, 2019 From March 15-19, of this year, the Internorga in Hamburg was a meeting point for gastronomers and professional coffee enthusiasts from all over Europe. As one of the most anticipated events in Germany, Internorga is a celebrated source of visionary concept and therewith the ultimate place to encounter the new world of TONE. By introducing our team and showcasing our Intelligent Brewing Solutions we aspired to make people experience new standards of brewing. Across all five days we demonstrated our unique brewing solutions to inspire the visitors with our passion, innovative technology and variety of possible beverage creations. - Coffee and tea, hot, iced or with an additional nitro finish … at our stand every cup got it’s own tone! Thank you for joining us and for this astonishing event! Because in the end, coffee and tea is about people coming together. Next stop: World of Coffee, Berlin Germany
Tone Kick-Off II in Berlin - It’s (not) all about coffee event february 26th, 2019 The Tres Cabezas Roastery in Berlin isn’t only a place to enjoy a good cup coffee. It’s a place where sustainable values and a responsible handling of the coffee bean are principles which are held dear to produce the finest specialty coffees. With this in mind, the roastery includes Orangutan Coffee to its programme and enhances the communication to increase their consumers’ awareness for a more sustainable coffee consumption. A key aspect of this mission is the organisation of an Orang Utan Coffee Project event in their associated coffee shop 19grams. - one of the first German brew bars creating their filter coffees with #moretone . According to the motto “It’s (not) all about coffee”, Holger Welz provided insights into the problematic environmental situation in Indonesia and how the Orang Utan Coffee Project operates to develop local economies, preserve the environment and, particularly, to save orangutans from extinction. Every exported kilo of coffee can make a difference and has a direct impact supporting and combining sustainable coffee plantation with the conservation of rainforests as the habitat and livelihood of orangutans, other species and humans. To conclude the lecture, 19gram’s Touch 01 has been part of giving the participants of the soiree their greatest coffee experience.
Tone Kick-Off in Copenhagen november, 28th 2018 The Touch 02 has been on the road for the very first time revealing itself at an Orang Utan Coffee Project event, at the Crown Plaza Towers in Copenhagen. Hosted by the Kontra Coffee Roastery, and the BC Hospitality Group’s Orango Coffee Shop, Tone has been part of an informative soiree highlighting environmental responsibility, sustainable coffee plantation and the Indonesian rainforest’s future. After a presentation about the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), by Dr. Ian Singleton, director of the SOCP, Holger Welz explained the importance and approach of the Orang Utan Coffee Project. As Tone aims to deliver coffee lovers the greatest coffee experience, we offered a subsequent coffee tasting, dedicated to the project. - to make the participants taste the greatness of Orang Utan Coffee and to show what’s possible with the ultimate Brewing Solution.
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